I Took Some Time To Rejuvinate

Sometimes things get to a breaking point and you can either break or take a step back to figure out where you’ve overstepped. 

In my case, I took a step back to find out hat triggered my fall. 

I’m the type of person who works on emotions. But, emotions are erratic. Some days I can write all day and enjoy it whilst others not so much. 

Results are more familiar with systems than emotions. Usually, the winner is the individual who worked the smartest consistently. 

I’ve been promoting this idea of pure hardwork but i have just learnt how important working smart is. 

Combine the two and you will be hitting goals daily. 

My new plan is currently in progress. I want to figure out a lifestyle that promotes writing rather than writing around my lifestyle. 
After all, writing is my life. 

It feels good to be back after a week in comparison to 6 months (yup, that’s how long my breaks used to be)



Working Through The Weekend

I am highly disappointed with myself. From having an incredibly super productive week last week to being in a state of burnout this week, I can’t help but feel the wasted time has undone the progress of all my effort. 

However, you either win or learn. And I have learnt how to pace myself to prevent this from happening. 

1. Hit the bed Early! 

2. Plan for many days in advance. 

3. Draw up a system and stick with it. Flexibility doesn’t work for someone like me. I’ll end up procrastinating. 

4. Find an emotional outlet. Being couped up in a room writing can often lead to emotional frustration and a build up of unused emotions. It is important to plug back into the world weekly. 

5. Avoid the news. It’s depression and distracting. 

6. Play around. Have some fun. All work isn’t s recipe for long term survival. 

I’ll be working through the weekend to try and get the momentum going. 

Talk on Monday. 


Feeling Embarrassed To Be A Writer

write,writing,author,being a writerFor the last 4 years, I have been writing almost daily. And yet, I feel embarrassed to openly be a writer.

Not because I feel or think that a career in writing is of a low standard. On the contrary, I love writing. Exploring creativity and trying to put what I imagine into the the readers mind is a truly exciting task.

But, for some reason, I can’t seem to put myself out there completely. I notice other writers, successful writers, who are proud to call themselves writers and promote their names every chance they get. If anything, you can easily tell that she (or he) is proud of the work they create.

I’ve come to truly believe that writing is an art. When creating art, you’re more or less expanding your personality onto paper. Perhaps I’ve grown uncomfortable sharing myself to the world that I struggle to share my work.

Or maybe, I don’t feel like my work is perfect. In my mind, I know that perfection is unattainable. In fact, I don’t think perfection exists. That doesn’t stop us from striving for it, right?

A part of me is afraid of being judged or not being good enough. I can’t remember when I started to feel this way – it’s the opposite of who I used to be.

It’s time to change. I’m going to try and be me online and share some of the stuff I’ve been working hard on. Maybe it gets easier the more I do it?

We’ll see.

Have you ever dealt with this problem? Any thoughts on why or how you broke free?