The Internet Is Dangerously Addictive

There’s rarely anything that I’ve ever been addicted to but it seems like the Internet has changed that.

Yes, I love it. My work as a writer dictates that I am to be online as much as possible.

For the most part, it’s been a huge help in my life. I’ve earned a living online and I’ve learnt many things.

Lately, however, the amount of hate and distateful comments plaguing sites has been messing with my head.

Last night I was on YouTube and stumbled across a video on Islam, the comment section was absolutely appalling. The amount of hate and hurtful sentiments against Muslims and Islam took me aback.

Maybe my parents kept me sheltered from all this as a child or maybe things weren’t this way prior to 9/11 but there’s a stigma now attached to Muslims all around the world for the actions of Islamic terrorists.

It bothered me. I wanted to truly believe that we live in a world where we all can bond and be kind to each other even in all our differences. A huge part of me believes that’s true.

I hate to talk about this on my blog but it’s been on my mind all day and it has hindered my writing and Editing for the last hour.

On the plus side, I published that book I told you guys about, The Big Epiphany, and it’s going to be free from tomorrow. It’s a really meaningful book that explores the inner workings of our personalities as well as my story of triumph over Psoriatic Arthritis.

You can CLICK HERE to download it on Kindle for free.

Talk  you tomorrow.



Disturbances In Dialogue

Dialogue is a pain in the ass when getting into the swing of writing fiction again.

I hit a wall today when trying to write an emotionally challenging scene between the protagonist and the antagonist of my story. The hero is strapped to a table, drowsy and trying to make heads or tails of where he is whilst the villain is hovering over a table preparing to inflict damage onto the little hero. 

Now, at this point, the hero is supposed to experience absolute fear and one of his quirks is to talk excessively when nervous or afraid. The villain is more of a poetic old man who tests people with riddles and unnecessary tales. 

A conversation between someone emotive and someone cold and calculated is a tough one for me to write. 

I felt like it was flowing too unnaturally. Something felt off, especially for the situation they were in. 

After some research, I found distractions. People cut each other off, especially in times of turmoil. It’s weird how good the dialogue started to flow when I had my talkative main character try to fill the air with ridiculous taunts in order to buy time and compose himself enough to think of a plan.

That’s all for today. I worked all day and I’m completely exhausted. How’s things going? Share some of your writing woes with me in the comment section below ūüôā 


How To Build Good Writing Habits eBook

Build good writing habitsIt seems like ages ago since I released my very first kindle eBook but alas, How To Build Good Writing Habits has arrived. This is a book that explores self development in conjunction with writing. We all develop, none of us are objects that remain the same forever.

Time and tide affects our bodies, our personalities and our lives. That’s the way life works – years ago writers never had the opportunity of publishing online. It never existed and the habits of modern writers differ whilst still resemble¬†past writers.

In this book, you will have the opportunity of re-imagining the habits of successful writers to suit modern day writing.

Are you aware of the slight edge? The slight edge that sets you apart from those that fail? The slight edge that makes you an established writer apart from the rest? The slight edge that encourages you to get up every morning and work towards your dreams without any instant gratification?

You may have heard of the book titled The Slight Edge and I am a firm believer of the principles that make up The Slight Edge. In saying that, How To Build Good Writing Habits  is founded on the principles governing The Slight Edge. It promotes a way of thinking that just attracts positive thinking along with success.

All in all, this is a super smart and compact guide for those of you who want to build good, if not great, writing habits.

Quick Update : Get How To Build Good Writing Habits for absolutely free between 4th July to 8th July – Click Here


Rainy Days

I’ve lived below¬†the winter skies,¬†

they carry with it the tears of shattered dreams.

From far across war torn lands, our rainy days are nothing but blessings.

I’ve looked through misty windows at the deception we call war.¬†

No cause, no reasoning, no justification for those that lose their only source. 

If only we could see what the blind do, hear what the deaf can, speak out what the innocent feel.

Maybe then the damage done can be washed away on rainy days. 


Basic Hate, Hate Basic

You’re nothing like the facade on the outside. Boring,tasteless,overwhelming pride. You wear it with such grace. You’re nothing like this painted image, at best you’re nothing more than hateful. Your¬†bitter face wears that hideous make believe smile, at best your inside is nothing more than bile. You’re nothing like the seasons. Warm,cold,fresh and comforting, at best you’re nothing more than a well dressed bag of lies.¬†At basic, you’re everything that I hate and more.

What happened with this short piece¬†is that it got me thinking of what it’s like to not embrace the person you truly are. It’s so easy to fall into a dark pit that consumes your personality until you’re left with an ugly skeleton. I think this is more of a self reflective piece of someone looking at their self and feeling upset¬†by how they’ve embrace a very superficial one dimensional personality. There were these short intervals in my own life which I experienced this kind of low so I figured writing about how I disapproved of myself at these times in the past would be reflective and progressive.

On a side note, it struck me that my cats have something very common about their names – Jerry, snowy, blacky, gaffy, and now velvy…. Courtesy of my mom.

Over To You –¬†

I ask you, have you embraced your inner beauty yet? 

The Two Most Valuable Lesson I’ve Learnt Online As A Writer

It has been over 3 years since I’ve taken to the internet as either a blogger, freelancer, photographer and writer. In that time, the most notable change in my life would certainly be¬†my work ethic. Though I haven’t ever viewed my personal blogs as ‘professional’, I have learnt that any piece of work ought to be attempted and tackled with due regard to professionalism.

Never publish content, especially as a writer, that you (at the time) do not perceive to be your Best. It’s essential that your best is what you bring forth because without having that confidence of knowing you put your best foot forward, it’s hard to see you chasing up opportunities and accomplishing the goals you set out.

If you believe in your work, that’s when you can truly prove yourself to others who have an interest in what you have to say. It’s not just about writing to please others, it’s about writing to please yourself. Wouldn’t you feel awesome knowing that out there on the cybernet you’ve produced some really entertaining pieces of content?

I ‘preach’ this lesson from experience.

Secondly, build a ‘tribe‘.You may have read about this over at¬†Goinswriter, but for the sake of those who haven’t, a tribe is a group of supporting readers. In simpler words, passionate followers. Those that appreciate You and those that You appreciate. I want this blog to be that home for my tribe. I want to share my success and failures with you, grow as writers and become better professionals along the way.

So, just to recap:

  1. Give it your best effort every single time.
  2. Build a tribe. 

Over to you:

What are some of the lessons you’ve learnt over the years online?¬†It doesn’t necessarily have to do with writing, it could even be about having a great social following or publishing or whatever.

What Can You Expect From ZakWrites In 2014


The new year is upon us and it actually just struck me that for the first year in my life, possibly every resolution that I made at the beginning of 2012 has been a success. I just removed and replaced the goal list that is on my drawer and it felt really great to strike off so many things.

That is progress at it’s best. These were goals that I had initially thought were extremely difficult to accomplish when I had written them but now that I have actually accomplished those goals, I decided to jump up a level.

Here’s my mindset – I WILL work so hard in 2014 that I end up being ahead of myself by atleast 5 years. Which means, I am dedicating myself that in 2014, as a 20 soon to be 21 year old, I will accomplish what 26 year old me would accomplish in his time.

#1. 2 Novel Will Be Completed :
I have one novel in the pipeline which is titled Outcast Alley. I don’t even want to speak much about it because it’s actually coming Really Soon. However, my main reasoning for not spoiling any surprises or revealing too much is because…..

#2. Self Market 1 Novel Successfully :
That’s correct. I want to experiment as a writer. This is my motto – If someone else can do it, I can learn how to! So I want to complete Outcast Alley, Package it, Market it and Promote it by myself. Why? Lessons! I want to learn. I’m sincerely not saying this arrogantly and neither am i going to refuse Any advice and help offered, on the contrary, I hope to learn from you as much as you learn from me. If I fail, I will learn lessons that we can share together. Failing won’t mean me giving up, hell no. It will simply give me cards that I can work with for my next book release/

#3. Save Enough or Buy A Car
Either one of the two. Look, I set such a high goal even though I’m well aware that I have my studies and everything else going on because I believe if others can do it, so can I. 365 days, money can be earned, it’s just how bad I want something and I want to succeed financially as bad as I want to succeed as a writer.

So that’s just a small fraction of what you can expect to see on this blog and my work as a writer. I will follow through, just keep watching and what I can guarantee is that I am going to dedicate myself completely to these goals. I have learnt the true meaning of consistency and dedication over the last year and a half.

I promise that with all these experiments I am undergoing, I will either show you what not to do to fail as a writer online or what to do to succeed as a self published author!

#Happy New Year ūüôā