My New Book Is Live And Free On Amazon, Show Some Support :)

productivity handbook cover 3.jpgI thought twice about publishing this post given that it’s about promoting a book of mine. But, I want to show up and share my work with you!

This is a small book I’ve been writing in my spare time, it’s called THE PRODUCTIVITY HANDBOOK FOR LAZY PEOPLE and I put in tons of work into making it as potent and fluff free as possible.

No gimmicks. No sales pitch. No fluff and bullshit.

It’s just a informational guide packed with every single bit of productivity techniques I implement on a daily basis. Well, I threw some motivation in it too 🙂

Here’s the book live on Amazon – The Productivity Handbook For Lazy People

It is free and I would seriously appreciate any support I can get, whether you decide to download it, review it or simply share it with someone who could benefit from it 🙂

Okay. Enough of that. I’ve still got about 2300 words to complete before calling it a day. It’s been one hell of a busy day with promotions and marketing. But, I enjoy the grind and I hope you do too.

Here’s to many more days like this!



The Train Keeps On Moving

It’s the new year and I’m sure you’ve set a number of resolutions, as have I!

One of the most important resolutions I’ve made for 2017 is to write every single day. The first few days always feels great but after some time, I noticed how difficult it started to feel.

Most people sell this idea that making important changes feels good. Sacrificing relaxation to work will feel good. Cutting out sugar from your diet will feel good. Exercise will feel good.

All of these things WILL feel good but the word that often goes unnoticed is WILL. You will lose weight if you diet…but, it takes time. It’s a destination. For some time, you probably won’t lose any weight. But, it will happen.

That period between feeling good or gaining the benefits of some change is DIFFICULT. When you work instead of relax, it will be difficult. When you cut out sugar, it will be difficult. When you start working out, it will be difficult.

Knowing that these things aren’t actually easy but will eventually start to feel easy and simple is better than having unrealistic expectations. I’ve experienced failure before, especially as a writer, so I know the expectations of blogging every day will be both difficult and easy.

It will be these two things for as long as I keep writing. The train keeps on moving for as long as it keeps moving. You will keep writing for as long as you keep writing, regardless of whether it’s meant to be easy or difficult.

So, I’ve decided to change my expectations and prepare for all my resolutions to be difficult. Knowing that I may miss a day or two doesn’t defeat me. I’m able to bounce back and that seems to be attributed to knowing that change is difficult until it becomes easy.

If you’re going through hell, keep going.

Write your heart out, my friend!


Conspiracy Theorists Could Make The Best Writers

Usually in movies, a conspiracy theorist is made to look foolish and ludicrous. They’re either depicted as almost mentally unstable or as comedy relief.

But, in the world of books, conspiracy theorists could actually be the Gods of writing. I kid you not! This is the truth.

These are individuals who don’t simply see something unusual and just shrug it off with a simple – “I wonder what happened.”

Instead, conspiracy theorists run through every possibility, no matter how ridiculous it may sound to others, of what could explain a certain occurrence.

As a writer, you could highly benefit from being a conspiracy theorist. I’ve been trying to work conspiracies and prophecies into my story and it’s taking some practice but the amount of possibilities I’ve opened up to the plot by simply speculating has been phenomenal.

I’ve been working on a strategy that not only improves how easily you think up explanations for events but also improves creative thinking. Today, I’ve been going through old mementos from my parents past and just thinking up stories as to what it could represent, how they got ahold of it and where it was found or made.

Do this for just 15 minutes a day, every day, and I’m more than certain you’ll unleash the creativity within you. Heck, pull up a few stories on the net or scan a newspaper and try to piece together what could have been the motive and conspiracy behind an unfortunate murder or robbery.

It’s fun and you’ll gain a new skill that can help you write juicier plots!

Oh, by the way, today has been a productive day! Not only did I manage to go out and sort some errands, I also managed to fit in a workout session and wrote almost 3000 words! I’m loving the feeling attached to progress. Once you get started, the more you work, the better you feel and the easier it becomes!

If you’re feeling lazy or had a long day, try and fit in some time to write regardless. If you work when it feels tough, you’ll never face the issue of not being able to write religiously. If anything, it will become an irreplaceable part of your life.

Oops, I got carried away! Sorry for the lecture haha!

Anyway, have a great weekend and don’t quit on those resolutions…just yet! 😉


Where To Start?

Ever since I’ve decided to set the goal of writing 10 fiction books this year, I’ve been bombarded with a number of creative ideas that get me extremely motivated to start writing.

The problem is that I don’t know where to start. What’s surprising is how many other authors, who aren’t experienced, battle with finding a place to start.

Ideas are just one set of hurdles to overcome, converting those ideas into text that intrigues and captivates is a whole different ballgame.

From past experience and after speaking to two authors in person, it seems the best place to start is on paper. By that I mean transferring raw ideas onto paper without even thinking about a timeline and details.

It’s surprising how such a fundamental action is overlooked. It’s simple too and yet I had to be told by other writers to actually write my ideas down.


But, I am not a man afraid of doing hard work. So, I locked myself in a room, I shut down my PC, slayed a dragon, wrote down every single revelation that graced my brain and plotted what my story will be.

Here’s the thing: You can’t skip this step! Only after doing it did I realize just how impactful it is. No longer did I have no direction. No longer did I seem to struggle on where to start. On the contrary, I was itching to get started and the sentences hit my keyboard like heavenly rain hits the busy streets of Mumbai during monsoon season.

If you’re struggling with finding out where to start, then you’ve probably not planned and plotted enough. When you reach a point of being able to start your book without a problem, you’d have enough ideas on paper to cover an entire story. 

That much is a promise.

What do you think? Is planning ideas onto paper a great way to start writing a book? I’d like to hear from fellow authors! I really would!


10 Day Book Publishing Experiment

For a long time I’ve been planning and planning and planning to make my transition into the world of Fiction.

Some of my struggles have been to rewire brain to approach writing in a new entertainment inspired way, getting my plot onto paper and finding a voice that suits me.

None of it has been easy and the road has been a long one but I’ve realized that the thought of writing a fiction book, a good one at that, is far more intimidating than the actual process.

With that being said, I think it’s time to move away from planning and push forward on finishing the first draft of my book.

I’ve written about 5-6 thousand words so far (bleh) but I’m not very concern with the word count. My priority is quality and completion. I want each and every book of mine to be a journey for the reader. Whether it means drawing diagrams by hand, designing artwork, adding that extra bit of editing to the story and/or creating an overall solid read.

I’m more than guilty of attempting to churn out books in hopes of making a quick buck but I quickly saw the flaws in that approach. It is the easy and simplest way to fail as an author.

I do not want to contribute any garbage to the publishing world. If anything, I want to carve a name for myself and truly make writing a lifelong career that fulfills me. Heck, it already is.

With that being said, allow me the opportunity to announce the 10 day publishing experiment for my fictional book titled INFINITY. It is a purely fantasy read that delves into the inner workings of death, consciousness and survival.

By the 22nd of September, I pledge to publish my completed book to the world and kick-start my refreshed career as a writer.

Starting Afresh

It has been almost a year, if not longer, since I’ve published a blog post on any personal blog and much of that is due to my inability to promote and market myself.

If you just scroll down, you’ll find an article I wrote about being embarrassed of being a writer. Don’t get me wrong, it had nothing to do with the art of writing. On the contrary, my embarrassment was personal in nature. I was afraid to attach my name to my own work. Maybe because I lacked confidence in my abilities or in myself as a writer but I’m finally prepared to start afresh.

In the world of publishing and authorship, hiding behind a fake face or name is far too common. I’ve come to realize that to be a true writer and author requires me to embrace the art completely. Heck, I’d go so far as to call it a way of living.

Beat anonymity and define a voice. Allow your name to float around the cyber sea and create a tribe of 1000 true followers who appreciate what you do and who you are – a writer.

That’s the message I want to relate to anyone who may be reading this right now and is going through the same battles I faced as a writer.

From now onward, I will forever introduce myself as Author Zak Khan. Thank you for taking the time to read this quick update and I would love if you could hold me accountable. I pledge to blog consistently and completely commit myself to being a fictional author.

I pledge authorship to be my lifelong goal. Do you?

10 Thousand Words In

It’s scorches in South Africa but that isn’t a fraction to as how fired up I am about the new year. I won’t beat around the bush, I’ve begun work on a fictional fantasy book which I mentioned earlier. I’ve turned this one simple idea into a massive story which i plan to write out in a trilogy.

This first book will be nothing less than what I would like to think of as my trial run as a debut author. I want to make this a learning experience. From learning about narrative to first person writing, exploring the complexity of dialogue and what it takes to get published.

Granted, it’s exceptionally difficult to get published as a newcomer, I’m completely aware of that but this is more or less going to get me into the groove of things. I want to explore the hardship and hard work it takes to finally catch a break with an agent after many many query submissions followed by the tedious and possibly demotivating experience of having your manuscript rejected from publishers until you catch that lucky break. In saying that, I will also experiment with self publishing. 

I want to experience the Hi’s and Lows and track it all down into a book someday. I will complete my current book, estimated at 65 Thousand words, by end of April – Mid May. I’ll spend the month of June submitting my completed manuscript to as many agents and or publishers I possibly can internationally. I want to see over the course of a few years what it takes to get published by top companies/firms such as HarperCollins and so forth.

From July onwards I will begin work on a separate novel, one that has nothing to do with my trilogy but rather exploring the story of a tenacious woman who overcomes a series of terrible events only to climb the corporal ladder from scratch. Hey, it would be interesting to write because I’d get to draw on my ideal woman in comparison/or in similarity to the women in my life. Be it my mom, sister, friends, ex girlfriends and so on.

I highly recommend reading The Slight Edge – It’s a captivating self development book.