Another Free Book? Yeah, I’m Overdoing It!

I know, I know!

Just how many books have I published! Quite a bit, as it turns out. This current book on promotion is all about finding focus and I want to share it with you.

Finding focus isn’t a matter of learning how to focus. You already know how to focus!

What it requires is understanding how focus works and to direct, improve and apply it to the right aspects of your life until it becomes second nature to you.

In this book, I put together an elaborate guide on how to find focus in the long run and for short term results. It is a fluff-free focused book that consists of every single practical way to build focus until you can call upon it in mere seconds.

You will learn what it entails to enter The Zone and how to achieve maximum productivity whilst focusing on the task at hand.

Cool? Cool!

Here’s the link – Click Here 

Catch you tomorrow, Peace Out!



It’s Not All Butterflies And Rainbows

Some days suck! They really do.

Forget about the plight of burnout, sometimes life throws circumstances at you that steal away built up momentum.

That’s exactly what happened these last 3 days. I’m sitting here, typing this right now after having a busy day that is completely unrelated to my goals.

I’m frustrated but a huge part of me is learning the true meaning of life and what it takes to build a career.

Nothing important in life is accomplished in a straight path. Everything meaningful goes through highs and lows. I’d go so far as to compare it to a zig zag line.

I took care of a sick family member today whilst handling all the chores and responsibilities that come with keeping a household running. Couple that with the desire to just sleep and you have the perfect recipe for frustration. Weirdly enough, even with the lack of inspiration and energy, I managed to write a 1000 words. It’s nowhere near to being my best day but I appreciate the fact that I tried and made an attempt.

It may not be enough but it’s a step forward from yesterday and for as long as I’m always a step forward compared to where I was the previous day, I can be happy.

Success is clearly full of challenges and hurdles. If you love what you do, the misery experienced will be different than normal misery. I’m working on an explanation but until then, let’s just leave it at that.

The year has just begun. We can make 2017 a great year! I know we can. Hang in there and keep working.


Over 120 Downloads Yesterday!


I’m joyed that my new non-fiction book, The Productivity Handbook For Lazy People, was downloaded over 120 times on the first day of promotions

Now, it may not be the highest I’ve had in a day (976 downloads :p), but it’s certainly a great start for the new year.

Thank you for all my blog readers who took the time to download and share the book with others, it means A LOT to me!

I spent most of today working on INFINITY, trying to figure out a few details that could spice things up even more. My goal is to create an entertaining book from start to finish. I get bored when I read stories that focus on a slow build up.

Aside from that, I resubmitted new covers for old books and worked on adding in additional chapters to a revised edition of How To Build Good Writing Habits.

It’s been a great week of work but by 4pm, I literally dozed off after sitting down for just a minute. I’m THAT tired.

Once again, thanks for the support. For those of you who haven’t downloaded my new book, you can find it HERE.

Have a wonderful weekend.


My New Book Is Live And Free On Amazon, Show Some Support :)

productivity handbook cover 3.jpgI thought twice about publishing this post given that it’s about promoting a book of mine. But, I want to show up and share my work with you!

This is a small book I’ve been writing in my spare time, it’s called THE PRODUCTIVITY HANDBOOK FOR LAZY PEOPLE and I put in tons of work into making it as potent and fluff free as possible.

No gimmicks. No sales pitch. No fluff and bullshit.

It’s just a informational guide packed with every single bit of productivity techniques I implement on a daily basis. Well, I threw some motivation in it too 🙂

Here’s the book live on Amazon – The Productivity Handbook For Lazy People

It is free and I would seriously appreciate any support I can get, whether you decide to download it, review it or simply share it with someone who could benefit from it 🙂

Okay. Enough of that. I’ve still got about 2300 words to complete before calling it a day. It’s been one hell of a busy day with promotions and marketing. But, I enjoy the grind and I hope you do too.

Here’s to many more days like this!


30 Ways To Be More Productive In 30 Minutes eBook – Free Promotion

Hey guys,

I’ve just released my latest eBook over at Amazon for all you people trying to get the best time management tips in the quickest way possible. This book or ‘guide’ contains a list of practical and very action orientated techniques you can use to get more done faster. If you’re interested, 30 Ways To Be More Productive In 30 Minutes will be available for free within the next 2 days (19 – 20 August) on Amazon.

Click Here To Give It A Read


Don’t You Dare Give Up On Being A Writer

dreams and writing

I am a writer, I am a believer, I am selfish,I am selfless, I am honest, I am amazing and I am free. We live in a world that puts these shackles onto us using ridiculous stereotypes and expectations but this is my little article to say No More. I get to be whoever I want because I am free.

This is what I love about writing. I am truly free to be me. No person can control what I choose to write and the freedom I have in expressing myself through words is the greatest freedom I’ve ever experienced.

Perhaps it’s my ability to separate money from passion, it really does become something extremely difficult to overcome and it’s a never-ending battle. I am young, I’m fresh in my 20’s but I don’t really see myself being amongst the mass that want to have a good time by partying as much as possible and being a rebel. Did you see what I just did there? I ended up stating a stereotype and falling victim to it which just proves my point. Neither you not 1 can stay away from the stereotypes that plague the world but that does not mean we are obliged to give up on the things we love because of such stereotypes.

I want to look back when I’m 40, probably about to hit midlife crises and end up on a pasta eating spree, analyse all the things that I have done in my life and feel safe in knowing that Writing makes the list of meaningful passions I never gave up on.

What’s a life without passion? Aren’t the things that make you happy meant to Top your Bucket list. I have come to realize that I can spend my life running after an ideal or I can spend my life living that ideal and being the change I want to see in the world.

My world is defined by the actions and decisions I make , which is why I choose to never give up on my dream of being an accomplished writer. I don’t care if I get rejected by a 100 publishers or if my book to release only gets read by a few, the only failure in that would be giving up.

I promise you, when you find something that truly belongs to you, something that makes you wake up every day without the regret or empty feeling of not having something meaningful, that’s when life explodes. Suddenly the bad circumstances you may be faced with and the hardship that is to be overcome seems like nothing more than hurdles you WILL overcome. You begin to Act instead of preaching about Wanting To Act. Nothing can stop you from living the dream because it’s such a dream that allows you to be free!

This is my dedication to every writer out there that hasn’t given up – you are living the dream and I admire you. To those that have given up – It’s never to later to undo that mistake. Just hit the backspace button and start again!

I say to you all :  Don’t You Dare Give Up On Being A Writer

Breaking Out Of A Routine Write Up

I got sick of writing at my computer desk or at a coffee shop. Truth is, the excitement never lasts long enough. The smell of coffee no longer creates a craving of desire within me, the sight of people browsing through books, getting engrossed in some novel has made me feel a connection with such people. This was a huge problem for me.

routine alarm write up

“Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.”

I needed to be inspired yet everything around me began to feel comforting. I got too used to the surrounding – the kind of people I bumped into and had a conversation with. The spontaneity of writing had lost itself on me.

Working with a schedule is amazing, especially when you’re like me and you have studies, a job, family and a social life to keep maintaining. Routines kept me productive but the problem with routines is repetition.

What happens when a writer continuously writes content he finds boring? He simply gets into a routine of writing such content. It’s not that he/she is incapable of writing something incredibly exciting – it’s just that he got comfortable and formed a routine.

Breaking Out Of A Routine Write Up

I decided to take a walk in a mall, visit different stores, speak to different people of different ages and completely broke out of my routine. You know what happened at the end of that day? This article!

Yeah! This is the result of changing things up – a concept for an article I probably wouldn’t have thought about if I continued to follow the same routine without any change.


So what does this mean? It simply means that change is crucial to any writers life. Think about character development – Magically I’m sure Harry potter could have always remained that young boy visiting Hogwarts for the first time however he developed, changed and evolved.

Similarly, if you change things in your routine and life, chances are your writing will change along with you. It’s why I am so hell bent on combining self development with writing. I don’t want to turn into some major Don Juan, I simply want to keep changing and have my writing adapt with me.

Fuel The Change

Passion is one of the sources that fuels my need to write, without passion it would turn into another robotic activity. I, am certainly no robot. There’s a difference between writing becoming second nature to a person and writing simply out of automation.

What happened when you did something your teacher or parent told you not to do, as guilty as you felt, it felt exhilarating. With that being said – it’s such change that will trigger amazing ideas and work. Please don’t go trying something deadly or illegal now…haha.

Just be susceptible to change, try new things and don’t get TOO comfortable or into a routine. You want to avoid getting bored or getting completely thrown off balance when your routine is disturbed by some unforeseen circumstance.

What do you think? Does a routine work well for you or do you prefer an informal set up?