I Took Some Time To Rejuvinate

Sometimes things get to a breaking point and you can either break or take a step back to figure out where you’ve overstepped. 

In my case, I took a step back to find out hat triggered my fall. 

I’m the type of person who works on emotions. But, emotions are erratic. Some days I can write all day and enjoy it whilst others not so much. 

Results are more familiar with systems than emotions. Usually, the winner is the individual who worked the smartest consistently. 

I’ve been promoting this idea of pure hardwork but i have just learnt how important working smart is. 

Combine the two and you will be hitting goals daily. 

My new plan is currently in progress. I want to figure out a lifestyle that promotes writing rather than writing around my lifestyle. 
After all, writing is my life. 

It feels good to be back after a week in comparison to 6 months (yup, that’s how long my breaks used to be)



I’m not concerned about being perfect anymore

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m my biggest critic. For a long time, nothing I wrote was good enough for me, regardless of what other people would say. Compliments were forgotten in a heartbeat and problems were on my mind all the time.

The idea of being perfect riddled my brain with insecurity, excessive self criticism and doubt.

I think this was the main reason why I quit writing for a few months. It became too daunting and stressful.

Nowadays, I don’t care much for perfection. If I make a mistake, I’ll learn from it and get it right the next time. I’m not going to destroy my psyche with the unwarranted expectation to be perfect.

Losers focus on winners. Winners focus on winning.

To hell with trying to be a perfect writer for people. I just want to be the greatest writer even with imperfections. Because I’ll tell you what, I can write for my entire life if it feels as good as it feels now 🙂

Today I’m going to take a break from fiction and write a few thousand words on my productivity book. I’ve found some great techniques to get things done so I want to share that with you and other like minded people.

Have an epic weekend and I’ll catch you on monday.


This Is War – A Valuable Writing Lesson I Learnt

What do we fight for? What are wars fought for? Let’s put aside the political influence or any of that realistic garbage we have been made aware off. I believe we fight to protect our belief. We fight to protect what we believe in. In saying that one man’s meat is another man’s poison does justice to describing the reasoning of either side’s intent to fight.

Where am i going with this? 

To be honest, I found myself writing these chapters in which 2 conflicting characters are exposed to a similar set of situations. As a whole, we have the good and the bad, I had to separate myself from my moral standpoint and ethical beliefs in order to avoid any sense of biased.

Why? Because Good or Bad, each character and both sides to a war have a belief they want to protect or someone they are willing to give they’re life up to protect, which means I had to understand the mindset, emotional makeup of the heroes and the villains to aptly write this story.

My goal : To complete a book that does justice to good and bad. I’m in no way attempting to justify either. That is the lesson I had learnt in writing thus far, literally not more than a few days ago, I learnt how valuable it is to disassociate oneself from your own views when writing a character.

Method write or method act, in order to express characters and a story better than you may usually do. Understand your characters, put yourself in their shoes and think like they do. I swear, it pays off to invest yourself into both good and bad characters. The only downside I’ve had is how attached you become, how easy it is to let yourself get sucked into a story to the point of it affecting the outcome of your day. Your mood starts evolving according to how invested you are in a character. Sort of helps immensely as a writer, not so much as a general person – insert a chuckle here if you will 😉

#War Torn