I’m Scared

What if I won’t succeed at writing? It scares me to watch everyone else pursue the orthodox path of finding a job whereas I’m pursuing my dream of writing. 

I have financial goals too. I want to buy a beautiful house by the sea and live my days crafting beautiful words that readers enjoy. 

I want it so bad. I’m sacrificing many months to give this a fair shot but the fear of failure has finally showed its ugly face.

From right now, I’m making some huge changes in my life starting with the amount of time I spend working each day. 

I’ve set a daily quota of 7000 words for 6 days a week and I plan to release many books in the next 6 months. I am going to give my entire life to writing and God willing, I succeed. 

To be honest, I don’t have much to say because I’m in a state of panic (lol) but rather than breaking apart, I’m directing all of it towards working harder. 

Let’s see if I can truly succeed as an author. Let’s see…



It’s Not All Butterflies And Rainbows

Some days suck! They really do.

Forget about the plight of burnout, sometimes life throws circumstances at you that steal away built up momentum.

That’s exactly what happened these last 3 days. I’m sitting here, typing this right now after having a busy day that is completely unrelated to my goals.

I’m frustrated but a huge part of me is learning the true meaning of life and what it takes to build a career.

Nothing important in life is accomplished in a straight path. Everything meaningful goes through highs and lows. I’d go so far as to compare it to a zig zag line.

I took care of a sick family member today whilst handling all the chores and responsibilities that come with keeping a household running. Couple that with the desire to just sleep and you have the perfect recipe for frustration. Weirdly enough, even with the lack of inspiration and energy, I managed to write a 1000 words. It’s nowhere near to being my best day but I appreciate the fact that I tried and made an attempt.

It may not be enough but it’s a step forward from yesterday and for as long as I’m always a step forward compared to where I was the previous day, I can be happy.

Success is clearly full of challenges and hurdles. If you love what you do, the misery experienced will be different than normal misery. I’m working on an explanation but until then, let’s just leave it at that.

The year has just begun. We can make 2017 a great year! I know we can. Hang in there and keep working.


When People Are Working, We Are Working Harder!

Whenever I feel tired, sleepy, in pain and uncomfortable, the title of this post are words I repeat in my mind to motivate me.

I’m not interested in talent and natural born gifts. Screw that! All I care about is outworking anyone and everyone. The first to start and the last to stop. If that cannot bring about massive success, nothing else can!

Believe me when I tell you that I was dog tired all day. All I got was 5 hours of sleep before being disturbed by hooligan taxi drivers who blast music at 6 am in the morning. But, that’s okay. Let them do that, I’ll wake up and do what they never will – build a legacy!

I realize how I sound right now so maybe it’s best if I hit the bed but just know that I’m about to sleep after writing 3000 words, editing a blog template from scratch, working on my CV, exercising, doing chores, working out my marketing strategy and redesigning a cover for a revised book.

Now, I think a good night sleep will be my reward. If you’re having a tough day, just keep pushing forward. There’s always going to be someone not far behind trying to overtake you. Don’t let them get that upper hand.

Work until you can’t no more and then work a little more.


2017 – A Brand New Start To An Old Journey

I started this blog back in 2013 and in that time I’ve committed, left, recommitted and left again until I abandoned Zakwrites for most of 2016.

It disappoints me because I genuinely enjoy blogging. God bless the internet, am I right?

Since it’s the new year and most people, including myself, are motivated at the chance of doing things right this time around, I’ve decided to make 2017 the year of blogging. And no, I’m not interested in blogging for money or fame or whatever other shiny idea the guru’s of the web try and sell.

The only thing I want to truly do is write and there’s no better medium than a blog on the big wide web.

More importantly, I’m at that point in my life where I need to decide what I want to do forever. Law or writing?

For now, I have 2017 to give to my dreams which is why I want to write as much as I can. Let’s make this year count and here’s to the dream of becoming a bestselling author 🙂

All the best for 2017 and let’s make our dreams come true!


How Important Are Your Dreams?

dreams,don't give up on dreams,goals,achievements

How often do you look back and reflect on all the things you’ve had to give up? From that puppy love to that favorite outfit that was possibly a few good bucks over your budget. I’ve dealt with my fair share of compromise and I’m certain you have too. But, there’s something really important that I needed to say. It’s something that I would love to hear other say to me.

Don’t give up on your dreams.

No matter how hard the road to success is. Regardless of the sacrifices you have to make and the battles you must fight, never give up on your dreams. It’s all that we have to hold onto. Most things change because time itself can never be stopped. It’s inevitable that things around us change, people change and even you and I change.

But lets not allow such change trick us into believing that letting go and abandoning our dreams is okay. It’s not okay. I’ve come to realize that these dreams help define us, right to our very souls.

If we give up on our dreams…wouldn’t it be the same as giving up on ourselves? 

How To Build Good Writing Habits eBook

Build good writing habitsIt seems like ages ago since I released my very first kindle eBook but alas, How To Build Good Writing Habits has arrived. This is a book that explores self development in conjunction with writing. We all develop, none of us are objects that remain the same forever.

Time and tide affects our bodies, our personalities and our lives. That’s the way life works – years ago writers never had the opportunity of publishing online. It never existed and the habits of modern writers differ whilst still resemble past writers.

In this book, you will have the opportunity of re-imagining the habits of successful writers to suit modern day writing.

Are you aware of the slight edge? The slight edge that sets you apart from those that fail? The slight edge that makes you an established writer apart from the rest? The slight edge that encourages you to get up every morning and work towards your dreams without any instant gratification?

You may have heard of the book titled The Slight Edge and I am a firm believer of the principles that make up The Slight Edge. In saying that, How To Build Good Writing Habits  is founded on the principles governing The Slight Edge. It promotes a way of thinking that just attracts positive thinking along with success.

All in all, this is a super smart and compact guide for those of you who want to build good, if not great, writing habits.

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Don’t You Dare Give Up On Being A Writer

dreams and writing

I am a writer, I am a believer, I am selfish,I am selfless, I am honest, I am amazing and I am free. We live in a world that puts these shackles onto us using ridiculous stereotypes and expectations but this is my little article to say No More. I get to be whoever I want because I am free.

This is what I love about writing. I am truly free to be me. No person can control what I choose to write and the freedom I have in expressing myself through words is the greatest freedom I’ve ever experienced.

Perhaps it’s my ability to separate money from passion, it really does become something extremely difficult to overcome and it’s a never-ending battle. I am young, I’m fresh in my 20’s but I don’t really see myself being amongst the mass that want to have a good time by partying as much as possible and being a rebel. Did you see what I just did there? I ended up stating a stereotype and falling victim to it which just proves my point. Neither you not 1 can stay away from the stereotypes that plague the world but that does not mean we are obliged to give up on the things we love because of such stereotypes.

I want to look back when I’m 40, probably about to hit midlife crises and end up on a pasta eating spree, analyse all the things that I have done in my life and feel safe in knowing that Writing makes the list of meaningful passions I never gave up on.

What’s a life without passion? Aren’t the things that make you happy meant to Top your Bucket list. I have come to realize that I can spend my life running after an ideal or I can spend my life living that ideal and being the change I want to see in the world.

My world is defined by the actions and decisions I make , which is why I choose to never give up on my dream of being an accomplished writer. I don’t care if I get rejected by a 100 publishers or if my book to release only gets read by a few, the only failure in that would be giving up.

I promise you, when you find something that truly belongs to you, something that makes you wake up every day without the regret or empty feeling of not having something meaningful, that’s when life explodes. Suddenly the bad circumstances you may be faced with and the hardship that is to be overcome seems like nothing more than hurdles you WILL overcome. You begin to Act instead of preaching about Wanting To Act. Nothing can stop you from living the dream because it’s such a dream that allows you to be free!

This is my dedication to every writer out there that hasn’t given up – you are living the dream and I admire you. To those that have given up – It’s never to later to undo that mistake. Just hit the backspace button and start again!

I say to you all :  Don’t You Dare Give Up On Being A Writer