Confidence Always Reflects In Words

Bold. Calculated. Fearless.

These are often characteristics found in individuals and writers who are confident. It’s not easy. Putting yourself out there and being as experimental as possible in writing is a scary feat to accomplish.

I always just presumed that confidence is something you can wing. Fake it until you make it, right? 

But, I’m not so sure that actually works. What I have come to understand is that it is crucial for any writer who wants to start a novel to be confident from the get go. You cannot afford to let a lack of self esteem hold you back because if you do, it’s highly likely you won’t write.

There were times when I doubted my abilities and it often resulted in me trashing my work or deleting it altogether.

Eh! It sucks!

However, why bother so much? If you want to write and you’re unsure if people would accept it or not, write anyway! If they don’t accept, too bad. We’ll try again! If they accept your work, you gain a ton. The only scenario where you lose is if you don’t even try.

I read a quote recently and it said, “You either win or you learn. Failure does not measure into the equation unless you quit.”

It’s so damn true. This morning I fired up my laptop, opened my book and read the few pages I wrote yesterday. I didn’t like what I wrote and started to feel as if maybe I’m not cut out to write an epic adventure novel. There’s so many elements that goes into writing a solid story and I didn’t feel like I was confident enough to do it.

I could have quit but it would have been a waste of my time to quit!

So, I just decided to use the tools in my arsenal and write as best as I could today.

That’s the trick. Just write for today.

Don’t think about whether the next 10 chapters are going to be insanely entertaining. Focus on making today’s chapter as interesting and exciting as possible and the rest will follow when the time arrives.

In time, I’m sure my confidence will increase. Look, challenges are what makes us stronger. Every time we write, we’re getting stronger and better.

Let’s just write and forget about all those insecurities.

The story I’m working on is called INFINITY and I’m truly excited to share it with you as soon as it’s done. The ideas for this story is terrific. I’m hoping the execution is on point and everything comes together properly.

Keep on keeping on, fellow writers and authors!



Where To Start?

Ever since I’ve decided to set the goal of writing 10 fiction books this year, I’ve been bombarded with a number of creative ideas that get me extremely motivated to start writing.

The problem is that I don’t know where to start. What’s surprising is how many other authors, who aren’t experienced, battle with finding a place to start.

Ideas are just one set of hurdles to overcome, converting those ideas into text that intrigues and captivates is a whole different ballgame.

From past experience and after speaking to two authors in person, it seems the best place to start is on paper. By that I mean transferring raw ideas onto paper without even thinking about a timeline and details.

It’s surprising how such a fundamental action is overlooked. It’s simple too and yet I had to be told by other writers to actually write my ideas down.


But, I am not a man afraid of doing hard work. So, I locked myself in a room, I shut down my PC, slayed a dragon, wrote down every single revelation that graced my brain and plotted what my story will be.

Here’s the thing: You can’t skip this step! Only after doing it did I realize just how impactful it is. No longer did I have no direction. No longer did I seem to struggle on where to start. On the contrary, I was itching to get started and the sentences hit my keyboard like heavenly rain hits the busy streets of Mumbai during monsoon season.

If you’re struggling with finding out where to start, then you’ve probably not planned and plotted enough. When you reach a point of being able to start your book without a problem, you’d have enough ideas on paper to cover an entire story. 

That much is a promise.

What do you think? Is planning ideas onto paper a great way to start writing a book? I’d like to hear from fellow authors! I really would!


2017 – A Brand New Start To An Old Journey

I started this blog back in 2013 and in that time I’ve committed, left, recommitted and left again until I abandoned Zakwrites for most of 2016.

It disappoints me because I genuinely enjoy blogging. God bless the internet, am I right?

Since it’s the new year and most people, including myself, are motivated at the chance of doing things right this time around, I’ve decided to make 2017 the year of blogging. And no, I’m not interested in blogging for money or fame or whatever other shiny idea the guru’s of the web try and sell.

The only thing I want to truly do is write and there’s no better medium than a blog on the big wide web.

More importantly, I’m at that point in my life where I need to decide what I want to do forever. Law or writing?

For now, I have 2017 to give to my dreams which is why I want to write as much as I can. Let’s make this year count and here’s to the dream of becoming a bestselling author 🙂

All the best for 2017 and let’s make our dreams come true!


The Fine Line Between Genre and Literature

Color Blobs Wallpapers 1

Art is not necessarily entertaining and neither is entertainment arty. Up until recently, I was battling to decipher between the two. Believe it or not, understanding the audience you want to write for will help you establish the form of fiction you may want to write.

I have an interest in writing genre fiction – popular types being sci-fi, fantasy, horror and so forth. Generally speaking, fictional genre writing tends to be more on the entertaining side. It explores thrill and edge of the seat writing but can be simplistic at times – that’s the exception, not the rule.

Literature fiction on the other hand explores a more arty and developing style of writing. The content itself is influenced by such style. It need not necessarily be very entertaining, infact, it could come across as very different or unorthodox to the general audience. It explores depth and artistic development alot more than the average fictional genre novel.

Needless to say, both styles are never isolated in any particular book. It’s actually rather common, depending on the writers mood, thought and ideology, parts of a book can be rather genre style whilst other parts literature.

The point I’m trying to make is that the fine line between Genre and Literature isn’t meant to be forever divisional. You can jump between sides and explore the best form of fictional writing for yourself. After all, arts and entertainment is exploring your creative self. Be free, explore and live your dreams through writing – Be it arty or entertaining!

– Zak

How To Build Good Writing Habits eBook

Build good writing habitsIt seems like ages ago since I released my very first kindle eBook but alas, How To Build Good Writing Habits has arrived. This is a book that explores self development in conjunction with writing. We all develop, none of us are objects that remain the same forever.

Time and tide affects our bodies, our personalities and our lives. That’s the way life works – years ago writers never had the opportunity of publishing online. It never existed and the habits of modern writers differ whilst still resemble past writers.

In this book, you will have the opportunity of re-imagining the habits of successful writers to suit modern day writing.

Are you aware of the slight edge? The slight edge that sets you apart from those that fail? The slight edge that makes you an established writer apart from the rest? The slight edge that encourages you to get up every morning and work towards your dreams without any instant gratification?

You may have heard of the book titled The Slight Edge and I am a firm believer of the principles that make up The Slight Edge. In saying that, How To Build Good Writing Habits  is founded on the principles governing The Slight Edge. It promotes a way of thinking that just attracts positive thinking along with success.

All in all, this is a super smart and compact guide for those of you who want to build good, if not great, writing habits.

Quick Update : Get How To Build Good Writing Habits for absolutely free between 4th July to 8th July – Click Here


Scatter Your Clues – Fictional Writing Tips

I recently began dusting the virtual dust collecting on my fictional series and got back to wearing my thinking cap. Though I loved the original concept and flow, I decided to rethink the details of my story.

Thus, I marched forward on my quest to creating an improved story line. First off, scatter the clues. Mystery is an essential building block to a good fictional book. You, as the writer, have complete control over how your story pans out. Which means, you hold the deck of cards and the way you deal them will result in whether you win or lose.

Now, at this point I realized something concerning yet true – No matter how you scatter the clues, mystery will never make up for a poor story line.

Regardless of whether your book relates to teen girl experiencing young love or an epic hero trying to fulfill a prophecy, if there’s no sequence of relevant dialogue and connecting story bits that make up the crux of your book, it will be fruitless.

A tree is made off roots, trunk, bark, branches, leaves and sometimes fruits or flowers. Similarly, your book needs a main plot, subplots, sub-sub plot, scattered clues, connected clues and finally the pieces of a puzzle that is placed together which presents a big, completed picture.

Here’s where things get fun guys. I am going to document the process of writing my books in a manner that is kind of unorthodox. Instead of focusing on the publishing phase, or the how to write phase, I’ll speak more on the construction of plot and the mindset behind creating a design and then breaking it up into pieces. 

Over To You

Is there anything in particular you have learnt from fictional writing or reading for that matter. I’d love to hear from you 🙂

Basic Hate, Hate Basic

You’re nothing like the facade on the outside. Boring,tasteless,overwhelming pride. You wear it with such grace. You’re nothing like this painted image, at best you’re nothing more than hateful. Your bitter face wears that hideous make believe smile, at best your inside is nothing more than bile. You’re nothing like the seasons. Warm,cold,fresh and comforting, at best you’re nothing more than a well dressed bag of lies. At basic, you’re everything that I hate and more.

What happened with this short piece is that it got me thinking of what it’s like to not embrace the person you truly are. It’s so easy to fall into a dark pit that consumes your personality until you’re left with an ugly skeleton. I think this is more of a self reflective piece of someone looking at their self and feeling upset by how they’ve embrace a very superficial one dimensional personality. There were these short intervals in my own life which I experienced this kind of low so I figured writing about how I disapproved of myself at these times in the past would be reflective and progressive.

On a side note, it struck me that my cats have something very common about their names – Jerry, snowy, blacky, gaffy, and now velvy…. Courtesy of my mom.

Over To You – 

I ask you, have you embraced your inner beauty yet?