I’m Learning To Deal With The Doubt Attached To Being A Writer

I won’t lie, people give me strange reactions when I say that I want to pursue a career in writing.

They don’t doubt that I can do it, they doubt it’s actually a career. I see it written across their faces, despite the income I’ve earned over the years from being a freelance writer for many inbound marketing agencies and clients.

I’m not sure why but there’s a stigma attached to being a writer. People tend to think it’s merely something you do to pass time when you’re 65 years old and retired from work.

It irked me.

Other peoples doubts tend to rub off on me when it’s so consistent and so apparent. It bothered me at first but now I’m starting to deal with it quite well. It lights a fire in my ass to succeed as a writer and show them what it truly means to be a writer/author!

As of late, I’m searching for the positives to any given situation and it helps me work with a sense of ease. I’m enjoying myself as a writer these days. So much so that it resembles how i felt a few years ago when I started.

I don’t know what others think but to me, success requires complete commitment. Being a writer/author is just as legit and demanding of a career choice as that of an accountant or entrepreneur or manager. If anything, it requires us to be all of that and MORE!

Try to ignore other peoples doubt if you truly have the desire, commitment and dedication to pursue your dreams. Eventually, hard work adds up and results will appears. That’s just the formula for success.

Hope you’re having a productive monday, I sure am! Destroyed a couple thousand words, wrote this blog post, exercised, marketed, built some backlinks to a niche site I’m working on and practiced by creative thinking skills.

All in all, it’s been anything but a blue monday.

Catch you tomorrow,



I’m not concerned about being perfect anymore

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m my biggest critic. For a long time, nothing I wrote was good enough for me, regardless of what other people would say. Compliments were forgotten in a heartbeat and problems were on my mind all the time.

The idea of being perfect riddled my brain with insecurity, excessive self criticism and doubt.

I think this was the main reason why I quit writing for a few months. It became too daunting and stressful.

Nowadays, I don’t care much for perfection. If I make a mistake, I’ll learn from it and get it right the next time. I’m not going to destroy my psyche with the unwarranted expectation to be perfect.

Losers focus on winners. Winners focus on winning.

To hell with trying to be a perfect writer for people. I just want to be the greatest writer even with imperfections. Because I’ll tell you what, I can write for my entire life if it feels as good as it feels now 🙂

Today I’m going to take a break from fiction and write a few thousand words on my productivity book. I’ve found some great techniques to get things done so I want to share that with you and other like minded people.

Have an epic weekend and I’ll catch you on monday.


Starting Afresh

It has been almost a year, if not longer, since I’ve published a blog post on any personal blog and much of that is due to my inability to promote and market myself.

If you just scroll down, you’ll find an article I wrote about being embarrassed of being a writer. Don’t get me wrong, it had nothing to do with the art of writing. On the contrary, my embarrassment was personal in nature. I was afraid to attach my name to my own work. Maybe because I lacked confidence in my abilities or in myself as a writer but I’m finally prepared to start afresh.

In the world of publishing and authorship, hiding behind a fake face or name is far too common. I’ve come to realize that to be a true writer and author requires me to embrace the art completely. Heck, I’d go so far as to call it a way of living.

Beat anonymity and define a voice. Allow your name to float around the cyber sea and create a tribe of 1000 true followers who appreciate what you do and who you are – a writer.

That’s the message I want to relate to anyone who may be reading this right now and is going through the same battles I faced as a writer.

From now onward, I will forever introduce myself as Author Zak Khan. Thank you for taking the time to read this quick update and I would love if you could hold me accountable. I pledge to blog consistently and completely commit myself to being a fictional author.

I pledge authorship to be my lifelong goal. Do you?