Where To Start?

Ever since I’ve decided to set the goal of writing 10 fiction books this year, I’ve been bombarded with a number of creative ideas that get me extremely motivated to start writing.

The problem is that I don’t know where to start. What’s surprising is how many other authors, who aren’t experienced, battle with finding a place to start.

Ideas are just one set of hurdles to overcome, converting those ideas into text that intrigues and captivates is a whole different ballgame.

From past experience and after speaking to two authors in person, it seems the best place to start is on paper. By that I mean transferring raw ideas onto paper without even thinking about a timeline and details.

It’s surprising how such a fundamental action is overlooked. It’s simple too and yet I had to be told by other writers to actually write my ideas down.


But, I am not a man afraid of doing hard work. So, I locked myself in a room, I shut down my PC, slayed a dragon, wrote down every single revelation that graced my brain and plotted what my story will be.

Here’s the thing: You can’t skip this step! Only after doing it did I realize just how impactful it is. No longer did I have no direction. No longer did I seem to struggle on where to start. On the contrary, I was itching to get started and the sentences hit my keyboard like heavenly rain hits the busy streets of Mumbai during monsoon season.

If you’re struggling with finding out where to start, then you’ve probably not planned and plotted enough. When you reach a point of being able to start your book without a problem, you’d have enough ideas on paper to cover an entire story. 

That much is a promise.

What do you think? Is planning ideas onto paper a great way to start writing a book? I’d like to hear from fellow authors! I really would!



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