10 Day Book Publishing Experiment

For a long time I’ve been planning and planning and planning to make my transition into the world of Fiction.

Some of my struggles have been to rewire brain to approach writing in a new entertainment inspired way, getting my plot onto paper and finding a voice that suits me.

None of it has been easy and the road has been a long one but I’ve realized that the thought of writing a fiction book, a good one at that, is far more intimidating than the actual process.

With that being said, I think it’s time to move away from planning and push forward on finishing the first draft of my book.

I’ve written about 5-6 thousand words so far (bleh) but I’m not very concern with the word count. My priority is quality and completion. I want each and every book of mine to be a journey for the reader. Whether it means drawing diagrams by hand, designing artwork, adding that extra bit of editing to the story and/or creating an overall solid read.

I’m more than guilty of attempting to churn out books in hopes of making a quick buck but I quickly saw the flaws in that approach. It is the easy and simplest way to fail as an author.

I do not want to contribute any garbage to the publishing world. If anything, I want to carve a name for myself and truly make writing a lifelong career that fulfills me. Heck, it already is.

With that being said, allow me the opportunity to announce the 10 day publishing experiment for my fictional book titled INFINITY. It is a purely fantasy read that delves into the inner workings of death, consciousness and survival.

By the 22nd of September, I pledge to publish my completed book to the world and kick-start my refreshed career as a writer.


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