“Stranger Things” May Just Be The Best Show Of 2016


I’ll be real with you for a second – I’m not much of a Sci-Fi kinda guy.

For a guy who considers himself to be in a steamy hot relationship with technology, the nooks and crannies that makes up the core elements of a good Sci-Fi story doesn’t tickle my filthy black heart.

With that being said, Stranger Things caught my eye and my curiosity. (P.S. It killed my cat). Did I have high hopes for a show set in the 80’s about a group of boys? Nope. Was I excited to see another story about a kid with psychic powers? Eh. Been there, done that.

But Stranger Things is a strange beast of a show that absolutely blew my mind. This brilliant 8 episode Netflix show encapsulated all the winning elements of Sci-Fi, Supernatural and Period dramas into one delicious treat for the viewer.

As a writer, it’s easy to get caught in a web of clichĂ©s but Stranger Things offers subtle variations of typical outcomes that makes for a surprisingly refreshing take on an already tackled subject.

Like I’ve said, the core elements remain the same but it’s the spinning of many different stories that intertwine which makes this such an impressive show. Aside from the visual aesthetics, my admiration is geared towards the writing.

Instead of abusing beautiful people like myself with lengthy discussions on the science behind a sci-fi, why not introduce a story through the eyes of a layman and how he or she would unravel the story? Why not develop a group of kids who explore the sci-fi and supernatural world as flipping ordinary intelligent human beings and not science buffs? Why not kill characters that seem to have a substantial presence to scare the viewer into believing that anyone could die, even the main characters? Why not give us more drama and less formulas?

Oh wait, Stranger Things did exactly that! I suggest everyone to watch this show, whether you’re a sci-fi & supernatural lover or not. There’s something in it for all of us. Oh yeah, one of the reasons why I loved watching this show was because it kind of reminded me of The Goonies which is my all time favorite kids adventure movie.

Writers, watch this show. Just watch it. You’ll get to see a story with familiar elements spun in a way that works spectacularly even with all the clutter floating around the online sci-fi publishing world.


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