F***, Why Can’t I Brand Myself?

The profanity in that headline was absolutely necessary. For some reason, I am failing pathetically at creating a brand for myself. Could it be that I have 5 different email accounts? Or the 10 different blogs just collecting dust in the cyber sea? I don’t have an answer to any of these questions and it’s bugging the hell out of me.

It’s not even that I suck at marketing or branding. The problem is that I lack implementing a system at times or discarding those ideas that are no longer within my reach.

Believe it or not, the more time I spend reading the contradictory advice of internet entrepreneurs, the worse I become. There was a time as a fresh blogger in which my ideas were like sparkly jewels that I would sell for ridiculous amounts of success but NOW, I lack the enthusiasm of branding myself for any idea.

I think the problem is that I want to be everywhere and dipping my toes into different waters at the same time.

I have learnt a few things about branding over the last year:
1. You have to be consistent.
2. Being orthodox is not always a winning formula.
3. Choose a name and stick with it.
4. On average, results only show up after a few months.
5. Be yourself.

Those were all things I had failed to do that led to my failure. Brand yourself from day one. A brand that builds an audience can be the most powerful tool in business.

You want to write books? Blogs? Articles? Choose a brand name and market it with your best content. You won’t regret this 6 months from now.


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