The Fine Line Between Genre and Literature

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Art is not necessarily entertaining and neither is entertainment arty. Up until recently, I was battling to decipher between the two. Believe it or not, understanding the audience you want to write for will help you establish the form of fiction you may want to write.

I have an interest in writing genre fiction – popular types being sci-fi, fantasy, horror and so forth. Generally speaking, fictional genre writing tends to be more on the¬†entertaining side. It explores thrill and edge of the seat writing but can be simplistic at times – that’s the exception, not the rule.

Literature fiction on the other hand explores a more arty and developing style of writing. The content itself is influenced by such style. It need not necessarily be very entertaining, infact, it could come across as very different or unorthodox to the general audience. It explores depth and artistic development alot more than the average fictional genre novel.

Needless to say, both styles are never isolated in any particular book. It’s actually rather common, depending on the writers mood, thought and ideology, parts of a book can be rather genre style whilst other parts literature.

The point I’m trying to make is that the fine line between Genre and Literature isn’t meant to be forever divisional. You can jump between sides and explore the best form of fictional writing for yourself. After all, arts and entertainment is exploring your creative self. Be free, explore and live your dreams through writing – Be it arty or entertaining!

– Zak


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