Method Writing In First Person ?

In my last post, i published a short story which was more of a narrative but in recent times, after exploring method writing i feel like first person present tense writing would be an exceptional challenge.

Right now, i’m neck deep in writing a fantasy fictional novel and though the story follows a group of 4 characters, I have chapters dedicated to the antagonists.

In saying that, I want to method write in first person for these chapters dealing with the antagonists of the story.

My reasoning is simple: I want to offer a variety in my first novel. Which means, not only having a plot and story that is massively detailed but also changing and experimenting with writing styles throughout the book to depict the mood and tone of each setting in each chapter.

For the lead characters, I want it to be third person however for the villains, I believe right now, the way I’ve made myself feel lately, I could do justice in representing their frustration, motives, moods and intent amazingly in first person present tense.

What do you think? Would it confuse readers? Would it be to experimental for a debut author? All advice welcome!


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