10 Thousand Words In

It’s scorches in South Africa but that isn’t a fraction to as how fired up I am about the new year. I won’t beat around the bush, I’ve begun work on a fictional fantasy book which I mentioned earlier. I’ve turned this one simple idea into a massive story which i plan to write out in a trilogy.

This first book will be nothing less than what I would like to think of as my trial run as a debut author. I want to make this a learning experience. From learning about narrative to first person writing, exploring the complexity of dialogue and what it takes to get published.

Granted, it’s exceptionally difficult to get published as a newcomer, I’m completely aware of that but this is more or less going to get me into the groove of things. I want to explore the hardship and hard work it takes to finally catch a break with an agent after many many query submissions followed by the tedious and possibly demotivating experience of having your manuscript rejected from publishers until you catch that lucky break. In saying that, I will also experiment with self publishing. 

I want to experience the Hi’s and Lows and track it all down into a book someday. I will complete my current book, estimated at 65 Thousand words, by end of April – Mid May. I’ll spend the month of June submitting my completed manuscript to as many agents and or publishers I possibly can internationally. I want to see over the course of a few years what it takes to get published by top companies/firms such as HarperCollins and so forth.

From July onwards I will begin work on a separate novel, one that has nothing to do with my trilogy but rather exploring the story of a tenacious woman who overcomes a series of terrible events only to climb the corporal ladder from scratch. Hey, it would be interesting to write because I’d get to draw on my ideal woman in comparison/or in similarity to the women in my life. Be it my mom, sister, friends, ex girlfriends and so on.

I highly recommend reading The Slight Edge – It’s a captivating self development book.


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