Don’t You Dare Give Up On Being A Writer

dreams and writing

I am a writer, I am a believer, I am selfish,I am selfless, I am honest, I am amazing and I am free. We live in a world that puts these shackles onto us using ridiculous stereotypes and expectations but this is my little article to say No More. I get to be whoever I want because I am free.

This is what I love about writing. I am truly free to be me. No person can control what I choose to write and the freedom I have in expressing myself through words is the greatest freedom I’ve ever experienced.

Perhaps it’s my ability to separate money from passion, it really does become something extremely difficult to overcome and it’s a never-ending battle. I am young, I’m fresh in my 20’s but I don’t really see myself being amongst the mass that want to have a good time by partying as much as possible and being a rebel. Did you see what I just did there? I ended up stating a stereotype and falling victim to it which just proves my point. Neither you not 1 can stay away from the stereotypes that plague the world but that does not mean we are obliged to give up on the things we love because of such stereotypes.

I want to look back when I’m 40, probably about to hit midlife crises and end up on a pasta eating spree, analyse all the things that I have done in my life and feel safe in knowing that Writing makes the list of meaningful passions I never gave up on.

What’s a life without passion? Aren’t the things that make you happy meant to Top your Bucket list. I have come to realize that I can spend my life running after an ideal or I can spend my life living that ideal and being the change I want to see in the world.

My world is defined by the actions and decisions I make , which is why I choose to never give up on my dream of being an accomplished writer. I don’t care if I get rejected by a 100 publishers or if my book to release only gets read by a few, the only failure in that would be giving up.

I promise you, when you find something that truly belongs to you, something that makes you wake up every day without the regret or empty feeling of not having something meaningful, that’s when life explodes. Suddenly the bad circumstances you may be faced with and the hardship that is to be overcome seems like nothing more than hurdles you WILL overcome. You begin to Act instead of preaching about Wanting To Act. Nothing can stop you from living the dream because it’s such a dream that allows you to be free!

This is my dedication to every writer out there that hasn’t given up – you are living the dream and I admire you. To those that have given up – It’s never to later to undo that mistake. Just hit the backspace button and start again!

I say to you all :  Don’t You Dare Give Up On Being A Writer


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