Breaking Out Of A Routine Write Up

I got sick of writing at my computer desk or at a coffee shop. Truth is, the excitement never lasts long enough. The smell of coffee no longer creates a craving of desire within me, the sight of people browsing through books, getting engrossed in some novel has made me feel a connection with such people. This was a huge problem for me.

routine alarm write up

“Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.”

I needed to be inspired yet everything around me began to feel comforting. I got too used to the surrounding – the kind of people I bumped into and had a conversation with. The spontaneity of writing had lost itself on me.

Working with a schedule is amazing, especially when you’re like me and you have studies, a job, family and a social life to keep maintaining. Routines kept me productive but the problem with routines is repetition.

What happens when a writer continuously writes content he finds boring? He simply gets into a routine of writing such content. It’s not that he/she is incapable of writing something incredibly exciting – it’s just that he got comfortable and formed a routine.

Breaking Out Of A Routine Write Up

I decided to take a walk in a mall, visit different stores, speak to different people of different ages and completely broke out of my routine. You know what happened at the end of that day? This article!

Yeah! This is the result of changing things up – a concept for an article I probably wouldn’t have thought about if I continued to follow the same routine without any change.


So what does this mean? It simply means that change is crucial to any writers life. Think about character development – Magically I’m sure Harry potter could have always remained that young boy visiting Hogwarts for the first time however he developed, changed and evolved.

Similarly, if you change things in your routine and life, chances are your writing will change along with you. It’s why I am so hell bent on combining self development with writing. I don’t want to turn into some major Don Juan, I simply want to keep changing and have my writing adapt with me.

Fuel The Change

Passion is one of the sources that fuels my need to write, without passion it would turn into another robotic activity. I, am certainly no robot. There’s a difference between writing becoming second nature to a person and writing simply out of automation.

What happened when you did something your teacher or parent told you not to do, as guilty as you felt, it felt exhilarating. With that being said – it’s such change that will trigger amazing ideas and work. Please don’t go trying something deadly or illegal now…haha.

Just be susceptible to change, try new things and don’t get TOO comfortable or into a routine. You want to avoid getting bored or getting completely thrown off balance when your routine is disturbed by some unforeseen circumstance.

What do you think? Does a routine work well for you or do you prefer an informal set up?


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