Life Will Never Be The Same As A Novel – A Writer’s Reason For Writing

reasons for writing

Why do we write?

Is it to explore the wonders of the mind or simply a means of living in a world that defies logic and boredom. I write fictional short stories very often and base them on small events that happen in my life – I write and make these stories explode with unrealistic creative fun occurrences.

Oddly enough – it’s these stories that I wish I could live through. Without being able to be free in my stories I would cluster myself as a being that has been struck down by the world. I love those over the top kind of books, movies and even art.

Maybe that explains why I love writing so much. I get to be myself through a different medium than real life – which is by writing. That’s the magic in it.

I don’t have to rely on being a good writer or have unrealistic expectations when my work is a manifestation of what makes me happy. I may not get to fight a 100 ninja’s and beat the hell out of them all at once but I sure as hell can in my stories!

That is pretty damn good enough for me.

Which bring me to my point: Life will never be the same as a novel and for that reason alone, it is insanely pivotal that you and I never give up on this wonderful passion for writing. It’s the one reason alone which is why we should all continue writing novels!

It’s this craft that keeps us sane. It’s writing the insane which allows a person to hold onto their sanity. Without a fictional world, the real non-fictional world we live in would turn into a place with dark clouds always looming over us.

It is often the stories we write that change our lives.

A writer evolves with every story, with every article and every time he attempts to write. He/she changes Every Single Time. Be it good or bad, a writer who evolves is a writer who hasn’t quit.

As the world evolves, let it not evolve into one without the beauty of novels. I say this because we seem to lack the charm of Real ambitious and creative freedom as those of the past. Our evolution has changed us into affording to give up on passion for money.

That my dear friend is something we actually CANNOT afford.

Being a writer, writing out of passion, should never EVER be destined by monetary value. I say this because as much as we all want money, including myself, it will never be enough. Once we allow our writing to be controlled by the amount of money it may produce, we have gambled with our passion for the craft.

I’m not saying to give up on writing for money, No. I’m saying – Let writing be the Main agenda and earning money just a by-product. This small change, this small evolution of the online writer can define the amount of success you have and the quality of work you produce.


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