The Madness Of Writing


I would say that writing is just as difficult as any physical orientated job. Yeah, I’ve done the insanity workout program, asylum and Focus T25 yet I can confidently tell you that writing,at times, has driven me to my wits end like never before.

It’s the truth. Many writers will agree with me that the process of writing can be extremely tedious and demanding. The amount of times I’ve lost my train of thought and let an awesome idea slip straight through my hands could possibly add up to a million face palming moments.

The troublesome part is never feeling that what you write is Viral or Epic enough.

Writers Are Perfectionists 

We view the work we put out as pieces of art that need to be mastered. Problem is, no piece of writing or art can ever be perfect to every single person.

Which means, you can draw a similarity between perfecting writing and a never ending race. It will never come to a peak. The truth is, writing is mad crazy. I have always wanted to say that. Somedays, I sit in front of my pc and work on a massive article and truthfully know that it’s the worst crap on the planet.

Even I wouldn’t waste my time reading the article because it’s quite possibly the most slapstick,boring and annoying piece of shit I’ve ever put together. Remember something extremely important – Write content that you would be Excited to share and bookmark!

Nevertheless, those articles would feel synthetic, boring and extremely vague.

Yes, it’s completely possibly to be vague in a massive article, ask me,I had managed to master that art. Aside from that, writing as most writers are aware off, doesn’t always put the bread on the table.

It’s why so many talented writers are forced to give up their passion for writing.

Reality is such that the cruel expectations for survival in the 21st century requires us to sacrifice the things we sometimes hold most dearest. Thing is, with all this madness, with all the long hours at day and night, millions of words typed/written, constant revisions and frying of brain cells and lack of acknowledgement – it always leaves you hungry for more.

That feeling of a completed piece of creating work truly leaves a feeling of accomplishment behind. It allows the demons that are about to punch the computer screen to go back to resting until the next frustrating piece of work pops up.

The amazing thing about writing is that it will always feel worth it for a writer. It’s something he or she gets to leave behind that can have significance for decades to come.

The life of a writer is not one to be laughed at or underestimated but one to be admired. Imagine, having your work shared! People subscribing to your blog, interviewing you, requesting meetup and mastermind group talks.

Writing can be Freaking fantastic! The money and acknowledgement can be fantastic! The appreciation for amazing work can be fantastic but most of all, it simply feels great to just Write! You just have to get past the madness.

The Madness Of Writing is Worth It. Do you agree?


2 thoughts on “The Madness Of Writing

  1. Marie Ramona December 25, 2013 / 11:19 pm

    Writing is the most stressful, yet fulfilling, act. Mulling about for the perfect way to express a simple thought is exhausting, but once you find it you know the time was well spent.

    • zakky619 December 26, 2013 / 9:13 am

      I Couldn’t Agree More 🙂

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