The Art of Spontaneous Writing


Are you stuck in a rut?

Does your routine writing set up only end up disappointing you when the edit stage dawns upon you. I know precisely how you feel my friend. Writing is often powered by inspiration, motivation or passion but what happens when none of these are present? It’s these contributing factors that can play a determining factor in whether the content you write is viral or not.

Completely Stop Everything You’re Doing!

You want to be spontaneous correct? Stopping everything you normally do is quite possibly the most spontaneous thing you could do today. Why did I ask you to stop?

Well….If what you’re writing right now just doesn’t cut it for you, than it’s not going to later. Instead of getting frustrated and throwing in the towel when it’s too late – take a step back. Now tell me, what are your goals for the piece you’re currently writing?

Are you focusing on a broad or specific topic? What are you expectations for the piece, the response you want and the kind of edit you’re seeking?

Got it? Now write it down.

Okay, so you’ve figured out exactly what you want to achieve from the content you’ve started. You’ve written down expectations – so let’s take a step back further and read what you have written thus far.

Does it have the Wow factor you were looking for? Did you get bored whilst reading it or did it spark a sense of excitement, even a bit of it? Depending on your response, the steps to be taken below may take the form of 2 things:

1. Scrap It!


2. Finish It!

Simple enough, right? I can understand if you feel hesitant to just scrap it, I mean you did put hard work into it and not to mention it’s no easy task writing. However, this article is about being spontaneous. If your normal reaction is what I just described then isn’t that proof enough to just scrap it instead of giving yourself reasons not to.

Think about painting a room. You expect it to be pink but turns out, the color is a bright orange. What do you do? Paint the entire room orange even though you hate it? No! You stop, you get the correct color paint and start afresh. Painting the entire room orange and later deciding that you just can’t stand it and decide to paint it pink is an absolute waste of time, energy and resources.

Stop while you’re ahead or stop before you get too far ahead. Trust me, it’s not work wasted. Its work that went down a wrong path and is about to take a U-turn.

Write – Leave –Write – Leave


In the past, I would start a blog post and write as ideas popped into my head. It would be a non-stop process of writing – read through – edit and publish. Problem is – when I look back now, they lacked oomph, a wow-factor or any sort of viral qualities.

Why did that happen? I hadn’t given myself the chance to think.

Writing is based on knowledge. It is fuelled by those factors I mentioned earlier such as passion but it will always be based on knowledge. Being well equipped with knowledge provides you with a massive amount of options to pursue in writing.

Have you ever considered why many Doctors turn to publishing?Spending all those years learning, obtaining an insane amount of knowledge on some idea or the other ends up in a published number #1 Bestseller and that all boils down to being well informed and knowledgeable.

Why? The doctor’s knowledge was more than adequate to provide content that simply reeks of relevance. That, my dear reader, is what Viral content is based on in turn.

Passion, Motivation and Inspiration – Knowledge – Writing – Viral Content

You probably want me to explain how any of this has anything to do with spontaneity? When you become so familiar with a topic that you can shoot facts at someone without even second guessing yourself, when you have answers on the tips of your fingers – it means you’ve come to a position of expanding beyond the realm of an apprentice.

What does that mean?

It means, you have such a vast knowledge and information to share with people who may not even have a clue on the subject that it ends up Exciting you. What happens when you get excited over something of this nature? You get inspired and motivated which means you end up writing content that is most probably going to be the best piece of work you have ever written.

It’s such work that tends to turn viral! Do you see it now, the cycle if writing viral content?

Passion, Motivation and Inspiration – Knowledge – Writing – Viral Content

Another reason I want to quickly mention is that being spontaneous depends on the kind of knowledge you have. How can you spontaneously write something amazing on financial tips for teenagers if you have absolutely NO clue about the financial predicament of a teenage?

Thus, being well knowledgeable affords you the opportunity of coming up with brilliant content randomly that turns into something viral and rewarding! This itself is a form of motivation, I guarantee you that much!

Sing Your Words.

How many people actually think about singing whilst writing? It’s so unorthodox yet spontaneous at the same time. Singing, as you and I both know, is fun. We sing when we feel insanely optimistic, in the shower, when we’re excited and so forth.

So, if you were to sing, wouldst it be possible to actually trick yourself into feeling excited and inspired.

I totally understand if you feel this is rather weird and not something a normal person would do but once again, that just reaffirms the whole concept of being spontaneous – it means doing something ridiculous, cheesy, unexpected, and unorthodox on the spur of the moment.

What do you have to loose except for a few breaths? Nada! But you have the chance of feeling great again.

Kill The Mocking Bird.

Fine – just finish the piece you’ve been working for. Maybe, just maybe, the normal reaction would be to feel like what you’ve worked on is so different then the stuff you write when you’re happy or optimistic but have you considered reading your work with different expectations then the ones you listed earlier.

You may expect your article to be energetic but perhaps it’s the kind of soothing and reassuring article someone feeling upset may need to read and find value in it. Perhaps you perceive it to be boring whereas someone may find it incredibly informative and factual.

Write when you least expect to write. You may feel like crap for some specific reason – Write. You may feel amazing for some reason or the other – Write.

Let your emotions spill over into your creative writing if you must. Explore the kind of writing technique,tone and style you work with depending on the way you feel. Don’t just write when you’re happy or when you’re sad, break out of such routine.

Last But Not Least 

Don’t think this through – Just watch this trailer of Yes Man. I don’t care if you’ve watched the movie a thousand times – watch this trailer right now without inspecting possible reasons For and Against watching it.

Make the first step of being spontaneous ‘write’ now…Ha!

Make notes of the principles I mentioned above. Make a change you believe in and your writing will project such belief in yourself as a writer…

You have my Word!



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