Influenced By Happiness


What drives you as a writer?

Is it those precious moments of inspiration that hit you during the calm of a storm or those riveting energetic moments that follow a crazy day? I want to say happiness influences me. I do.

But it’s not exactly the truth, not all of it.

The biggest influence on my writing, on my life, has always been trying to be happy. Experiencing happiness, as much as I love it, is not a constant feeling. It can’t be – it would lose it’s value in each beholders eyes.

Do you know that saying about only missing something once it’s gone? Yeah, i think that applies to what drives me to write. The sense of accomplishment that follows after a great article or a great chapter brings these faint reminders of what it feels like to be truly happy without any pretentious backdrop or expectations.

Just pure raw happiness. Almost like honey. It tastes sweet and the effects it has on your body is just as pleasant!

Maybe when I look at it through composed eyes I realize that as powerful as emotions are, they can blind you from what you truly want. Almost like a relationship – you start one with a person because you love being around them, heck, you may even love them but as you go along, these small issues begin to surface and those negative emotions in that moment blind you from why you began being with this person – because you feel happy around and with them.

That’s the magic of happiness. It brings the greatest of satisfaction but seems to get blurred out the instant you get used to it. Which is why it’s so influential, which is why as much as we always want to be happy – we can’t.

The hardship is what makes happiness so valuable. I love writing, it makes me happy. Being a writer isn’t easy, trying to make your breakout entrance is the hard part that brings a bunch of negative emotions and hardships along but that’s what makes it so god damn amazing.



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