Redefining The Concept Of Writing


What if the manner in which you write could be redefined. What if you found a style and manner of writing that defies the odds of common knowledge. Wouldn’t it mean that you have changed, evolved,adapted! What if writing was never meant to follow a uniform set of rules, what if writing is simply defined by the writer!

Take a second to analyse what I’m saying to you. Words are boundless. You have complete control of what you write and what you say. With that being said – I have the power to say that the things I write is insanely valuable.

Does it simply mean that I write valuable content or does it mean that the value of my words have a greater meaning than just relating to content. To you, this could simply be an article you wasted your time reading but to me, this could possibly be the beginning of great stories as a writer. This could be the beginning to my soon to be famous manifest, this could be my unique start.

Are you lost yet?

If you’re not lost, you’ve opened your mind to understanding writing in a whole new light. Some people view writing as a form of expression, some view it as a means to an end whereas others may view it as simply a passion.

What if your view on writing is what defines the content you write. What if you had the chance to open your mind to such a point that the perception you have of writing and the impact it has on the world could be completely instrumental not just to you but to hundreds if not thousands around the world.

We speak of imperfections making a person perfect yet we strive to perfect our form, style and punctuation. Have we considered the fact that THE perfect piece of writing could be the most insignificant piece of crap we would ever read?!

I’m not here to tell you give up on the norms of writing,the concepts and knowledge passed on to each of us from generation to generation. I’m simply here to ask you whether you could possibly consider the idea of redefining the concept of writing. Being the first to break out of stereotypes and define a sector that is completely unique.

The purpose to any piece of writing, be it from someone who has studied the subject at a tertiary institute to a boy who finds beauty and friendship in the world created by a story – the purpose of writing is the use of words! 

Such a simple concept, the use of words! It’s the way in which we use words that defines the outcome of our work. If we use it in a traditional sense, we could achieve traditional acclaim whereas if we use an unorthodox procedure, we could achieve acclaim in an unorthodox manner.

My point being : Maybe it’s time to find the writer you want to be defined as over the writer people try to make you. There’s no saying whether the words we have to write will be accepted, as I write this piece I am hesitant to believe that it would be accepted but it is acting regardless of such fear that brings about change.

So I ask you again, Have you considered the possibility of redefining the concept of writing for yourself? 


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